Jewellery and Watch Care

Important General Jewellery Care and Cleaning Information

Put jewellery on last so that it is not sprayed with perfumes and hairspray, and take it off first, before your clothing and before going to bed to avoid it being snagged or crushed.

Remember: Last On, First Off

Sterling Silver may tarnish and oxidise. This is a natural reaction to chemicals in the atmosphere, heat and body oils of the wearer. Discolouration can usually be removed by careful use of a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth. Contact with perfume, hairspray, chlorinated/salt water or household cleaning products should always be avoided. Jewellery should also be removed when showering, sleeping, doing housework, gardening and while doing some sports. Silver is a malleable metal; therefore be gentle with earring posts, clasps etc. as they can be bent or break under excessive force. Gemstones can also scratch, crack or chip if dropped.

Your jewellery, if treated with care, will give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Watch Water Resistance

The water resistance of a watch depends on the model. The scale ranges from simple splash-proof watches (1 ATM) to sports watches designed for swimming (10 ATM).

A water-resistant watch is designed to prevent outside elements such as water, air and dust from entering the watch movement. The watch’s level of water resistance is expressed in »ATM« (»physical standard atmosphere«), a measure for pressure. Buyers can find information regarding ATM on the back of the casing. Please note: the higher the specified value ( from 1 ATM to 30 ATM ),the more resistant your watch will be against water. A watch with water resistance up to 5 ATM can be worn in the shower or bath, but not for diving or swimming. This requires at least 10 ATM.

The water resistance of a watch must be checked professionally over time, since wear, changing batteries or damage to the sealing ring can impair water resistance.

Water resistance 1 ATM (10 metres)  = Water splashes, rain

Water resistance 5 ATM (50 metres) = Bathing, washing, showering

Water resistance 10 ATM (100 metres) = Swimming, snorkelling

 Watch Cleaning and Care

Please observe the following care instructions to ensure a long life for your watch:

  • Please avoid exposing your watch to extreme environmental conditions such as strong sunlight or very high or low temperatures. Extreme temperatures will shorten the life of the battery.
  • Avoid wetness unless your watch is designed to withstand it.
  • Leather and satin wristbands cannot tolerate wetness and humidity very well. Please make sure this dry at all times, as they might otherwise become porous and brittle.
  • Never actuate the push buttons or adjust the crown under water.
  • If water or condensate can be seen inside the glass, have your watch serviced by a professional. Trapped water may impair the function of the watch.
  • Avoid extreme shocks or blows. Your watch is designed to withstand blows within the scope of normal use.
  • Avoid using soaps or other chemicals that might damage your watch. Chemicals, solvents or greases may discolour or damage the casing and wristband.


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